About Papertris

Papertris is an fun and interesting arcade puzzle game where you can solve colored cubes in all 6 possible directions. It therefore not only offers the classic puzzle variant but also several depths. In addition, there are power cubes and numerous possible combinations in a classic but modern and lovingly hand-painted skill game.

The Game

- Challenge mode where the player has to solve suitable tasks to get to the next level, which are more difficult with each level - Endless mode which gets faster and more difficult from level to level. - 2 Player VS mode in which the players can use numerous combos to send each other blocking cubes to block the opponent's options - Combinations of the cubes in all 6 directions - Atmospheric music


The game itself was designed with a lot of fun and inventiveness with my kids (4y & 2y) and the majority of the game was hand- painted by them, which thus has a beautiful and playful charm. We really had a lot of fun creating and collecting ideas for the game and hope you have a lot of fun to play
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a Dad and his little Sons (5y & 3y) create games and have a lot of fun doing it
Allakin is a little apprentice magician who one day finds an ancient sealed portal in a remote forest. Curious as he is, he tries to open it with the help of his magician's book, which he then succeeds in doing, after a few attempts, with the help of a portal crystal. Courageous and full of curiosity about what is behind the portal, he steps through it and is thereby transported to another world. But unfortunately it is very difficult for him to get away from there and every new portal seems to pull him further and further into the world. In the search for new portal crystals there are many dangers and tricky puzzles on his way back home...
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